Fostering learning in a way that is agile, creative and relevant

Our proposition for Empyrean School is to grow each year, to offer up till 12th Grade. We work towards a model that encourages creativity and innovation in and out of the classroom. It inspires students to develop intellectual and personal fortitude to realize their dreams.

Our Mission

To develop individual potential and ingrain concepts for lifelong learning, fostering progressive thinkers and achievers

Our Vision

To nurture young minds to excel as human beings in all endeavours, and contribute to building a better future

Core Values

Pursuit of Dreams

We reach for the stars, aiming high and reaching higher. We dream big, and do bigger. We believe in the passionate pursuit of ambition and aspirations.

Asking Questions

We are curious. We ask questions and seek answers, fuelling the thirst for knowledge and fostering the desire to learn.

Consistent Effort

We believe in constant effort, perseverance and resilience; in learning continuously to improve continuously. We try harder, we rise stronger, we stand taller.

Moral Fibre

We maintain a culture of mutual respect, empathy and acceptance. Honouring and valuing all members and maintaining a keen sensitivity and consciousness of the world around is at our core.


We believe in learning by doing, participating and engaging.

We want to provide opportunities of contribution and decision making to all.

Awards & Recognition

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