Building and Nurturing Adolescent Resilience

Building and Nurturing Adolescent Resilience

Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it’s less good than the one you had before Elizabeth Edwards.
The ineffable ability of an individual to cope with adversity and stress and to rise above and face
challenges in life is of outmost importance in today’s competitive world and this special aptitude is the need of the hour.
As teachers, our earnest endeavour is to nurture young minds to pursue their dreams till they succeed
and prepare them for the hardships of life.
An adolescent who is resilient has an advantage when it comes to meeting the challenges and
responsibilities of adulthood, even if he or she has experienced adverse circumstances such as
poverty, health problems, or strained family relationships.
We at Empyrean recognize the importance of students’ social and emotional wellbeing and try to
provide a supportive school climate that is conducive in promoting positive academic and behavioural
outcomes. To build and nurture resilience in our students we follow these strategies:
• We try to promote positive social connections between teachers and students, and between
school and home, as we believe that the trinity of child, parent and school need to co-exist in
harmony for the child’s welfare.

• We nurture positive qualities such as empathy, optimism, and forgiveness and solicit students
to exercise them in their daily life.

• We notice and reinforce qualities that are key to resilience at a very tender age.

• We avoid focusing on failure or negative behaviours, rather celebrate all their achievements,
however, trivial they may be.

• We teach by example, which we feel is an effective approach, and ensure that these qualities
are developed and practiced by our students as well as all the staff.

• We also foster feelings of competence and self-efficacy which are the key to surviving in
today’s rat race.

• Set high expectations for students, teach them to set realistic, achievable goals, and also
prepare them to reach out for help when needed.


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