Take A Pause…..SOS

Take A Pause…..SOS

The other day, I was driving behind a car that was moving very slow. I pressed horn, but no side was given. I tried to overtake, but couldn’t do that as well. I got irritated and started calling names to the driver. Just few minutes later, I could manage to overtake that crawling car and had an urge to give a sarcastic look to that weird driver. But when I got the glimpse of the driver, he was a handicap. Suddenly my outlook towards the whole situation changed. Hundreds of feelings crossed my mind at the same time. I felt ashamed, guilty and insensitive too.
What was the hurry, to reach workplace on time? I could have left home on time!
Wanted to skip / cross a 2 minutes long traffic signal? So much agony only for TWO minutes!
Wanted to overtake a slow vehicle but could not? There was no race!
This was the moment I pressed my PAUSE Button. Will our perception change towards the same person / situation if the car would have a Handicap sign behind?
Just like Handicap sign, will our perception change towards a person if there would have a sign that read “Lost a Family member” or “Lost a Job” or “Family member seriously ill” or “Just had a heartbreak” or something else.
Unfortunately, we don’t have such signs. So, we might not understand what someone else is going through in life. All we know is how we are feeling and choose how we react.
Take time and Press your PAUSE Button. Let’s give a benefit of doubt to people we come across with. Let’s try to be kind and empathetic to people around us.
So, take time and Press your PAUSE Button. Let us take a moment before we judge people in a situation. In today’s world everyone is fighting their own battle. The least we can do is be sensitive and kind to other people. And of course, respect the invisible signs.
So watch out next time, someone might be in dire need of your smile-for-no-reason, your patience or may be your kindness. Remember, kindness never goes unrewarded, it comes back.
Did you press your Pause Button today?

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