Creating Future Leaders

Creating Future Leaders

Standing in the spacious hall while I quietly wiped a tiny sweat bead, a faint smile danced on my lips. I stood there watching my kids with pride as they addressed the gathering and urged them to cast their vote in their favour in the upcoming elections for the Students’ Council. My eyes glistened and my heart thumped loud and fast……my kids have grown up. Wasn’t it yesterday that they first entered through that gate, nervous and clueless? Today, they are confident and brave, without any inhibitions, ready to don the mantle of leadership and face new challenges. I asked myself, “Are they really ready? Ready to face the world outside as well?”
I know that my kids have come a long way, but is it enough? Is their armour ready for the battles in the world outside the protected school premises?
At Empyrean, we strive to prepare our children not for the immediate tests that assess their academic strength, but for the challenges that await them. You must be wondering how we do so, given the strict deadlines for syllabus completion and periodical assessments.
We believe in taking tiny measures that have a life-long impact and aid in the holistic development of our children.

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