New-age education for a global citizen

New-age education for a global citizen

We’ve all been told that ‘education’ means ‘academics’ – it’s what you have been taught in school. But the fact is, a school is much more than a place for a child to maximize his academic potential. It is a platform for him to develop social skills and character –leadership, conflict resolution, relationship-building skills, communication and more. A school offers numerous opportunities to learn and grow. For a student to be successful in meeting real-life challenges, a good mix of academic and emotional intelligence is a must.
It’s no wonder that parents show a sense of urgency in ensuring that their child gains the required skillsets to mingle comfortably in society. Along with skills, it is also important for every parent to ask what the future of education will be, and how Indian Schools can meet and compete – technologically, academically, economically and sociologically, at the international level.
New-age Education
The world around us is evolving very quickly. Education needs to transform and adapt to this change. However, presently, most schools only focus on building academic achievement. In order to create a global citizen, we need to go beyond classroom learning. We need to understand that before adapting to outwardly change, it’s important to bring about change from within.
For instance, today’s world rides on passion and for a child to be successful, a school needs to help its students not just with finding their passion, but also with ways to make their passion sustainable. For this, students need the opportunity to work on real-life projects that will prepare them for this ever-evolving new-age world. Today, more than ever before, a child is exposed to a whole new world of possibilities and it is up to him to make the most of it. This is where a child needs to make use of both, academics and experience, to excel.
The new beginning
To help today’s kids prosper as an all-rounder, schools need to shift to more receptive and interactive learning platforms. We need to empower them to use their abilities to add value and improve their local as well as global communities.
Even though we have world-class schools, the education methodology still seems to be traditional. It’s time to bring in a new perspective. We need kids to THINK, ACT, and SOCIALISE.
It’s not ‘how’ we teach but ‘what’ we teach that is important. The challenge is to put together a comprehensive curriculum, that’s practical and theoretically challenging.
That’s why at EMPYREAN we focus on building skill sets that allows our students to: Think and Act, while improving their social skills:

Our THINK quotient focuses on building the following skills:
• Critical Thinking
• Mathematical Thinking
• Scientific Thinking
• Creative Thinking
• Problem-Solving
• Inquiry Skills
• Argumentative Skills
• Design Thinking
• Financial Thinking
• Systems Thinking
• Judgment
• Aesthetics
• Curiosity and Questioning
• Stress control
• Habits of mind
• Self-knowledge of one’s – Passions – Strengths – Weaknesses

Our ACT quotient focuses on building:
• The Habits of Highly Effective People
• Mindset
• Decision making under uncertainty
• Resilience
• Agility
• Reality testing
• Leadership
• Grit
• Patience
• Entrepreneurship
• Innovation
• Improvisation
• Experiment
• Programming machines
• Ability to break barriers
• Project Management

Our SOCIAL SKILLS quotient focuses on building the following skills:
• Communication and Collaboration
• One-to- one interaction
• Interaction in teams
• Interaction in a family
• Interaction in a community
• Interaction at work
• Listening
• Online Relationship building
• Empathy
• Networking
• Contemplation and meditation
• Ethics
• Politics
• Citizenship
• Negotiation
• Courage
• Compassion
• Conflict Resolution

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