Independence Day

Independence Day

In 1947, for the first time the national flag was hoisted. The leaders of free India had envisioned a new destiny for their motherland who had earned freedom after nearly 200 years of enslavement. With rekindled desires and new promises, for the first time a nation had come together to celebrate the most joyous day- Independence Day. Wining back independence wasn’t an easy task, precious blood was shed only to see the tricolour unfurl and flutter in free air. Since 1947, celebration of this significant day is an integral part of every Indian’s life. After the customary flag hoisting and paying homage to our martyrs, inspirational speeches are delivered and with that our Independence Day celebrations come to an end. Today, we stand here, with our heads held high and breath free air because of the sacrifices made during the freedom struggle. Let us take a moment to introspect and ask ourselves have we done justice to the several lives that were lost only to gift us a free country?
Our country is plagued with the malice of illiteracy, unemployment, disparity between the masses; our streets aren’t safe for our girls- is this the country that our martyrs dreamt of?
We have progressed in time, we are technologically advanced and our mother land has found a name on the global forum, but in this process we have abused our natural resources, in our greed to expand the human territory we have cut down forests leaving the wild animals without a home. Our kids are growing up in a time where we breathe more carbon dioxide than oxygen which causes major health hazards. Our streets are flooded with vehicles which emit smoke polluting the air that we breathe. On this significant day let’s us make a conscious decision, do we want to leave a planet for our kids where the ozone layer is depleted, marine and wildlife is nearing extinction due our malpractice and use of plastic; or we will fulfil our responsibilities towards our next generations and initiate changes in our practices to alter the deplorable conditions. At Empyrean, we pledge to secure a better future for our little ones and it is our earnest endeavour to ensure that our campus is a plastic free zone. We deem planting trees, our foremost commitment towards Mother Nature and hence through several activities we beautify our school campus with saplings which will bear fruits of goodness when our kids grow up.
We will truly pay homage to the brave souls who fought to free our motherland only if we can preserve her sanctity for our generation next.

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