Paving the way for a better future

Paving the way for a better future

At Empyrean, we believe that it is important to be the change, we wish to see in others and the world at large and thus initiating the change is of utmost importance. The struggle of women across the world to be recognised for their work is not unheard of and we certainly have succeeded in leaps and bounds, but is it enough? No, but we are at a precipice, where one step is followed by many more and this consciousness provokes our actions. Education of women is a pre-condition for the development of any society. Our empowered teachers pave the way towards formation of the society we envisage for our younger generations.
As an educator, it is imperative to break gender stereotypes within the classroom as our children perceive the world as we project it to them. At Empyrean, we make a conscious attempt to ingrain the concepts of gender equality at a very tender age. We make cognizant efforts to refer to our students as “children’ rather than addressing them as ‘boys’ and ‘girls’. It is our endeavour to provide an equal world for our youths; as a small measure we try to provide a safe setting within the classroom where all feel safe and equal. We deem it important to prepare our students for the challenges they might face when they leave the safe school environment. Armed with knowledge, our young learners are sure to feel independent and equipped to take their rightful place in the world that awaits them.
We dream of a world of equal opportunities and pledge to stand in solidarity with the people around us. Our belief that a strong woman stands for herself but a stronger woman stands up for others finds expression in our close association with PRERNA, an NGO working with underprivileged girls. Prerna works to protect disadvantaged women from the threats of human trafficking by defending their rights and dignity. Empyrean’s collaboration with Prerna is an endeavour to provide a platform to the girls to showcase their talents. Time and again, the magicians from Prerna have graced the stage at Empyrean School and won hearts. As a small step towards realising our vision of illuminating lives of the disadvantaged, Empyrean aids the NGO with essentials that are vital to women.
We do not believe in celebrating women on a particular day of the year; hence we raise a toast to each milestone achieved on a daily basis, be it within the classroom or outside.

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